Fleet PCN Management

Updated: 27th October 2023

An inevitable consequence of vehicle usage is the need for a fleet PCN management process to handle penalty charge notices, speeding fines or any one of many possible fine types.

If traffic fines are not handled correctly they can have huge consequences for the operator. Fleetworks allows PCNs to be handled individually or in bulk and will handle communication to the driver and the issuer simultaneously.

If you levy an administration fee to drivers, or need to recharge a fine such as a bus lane offence or the London Congestion Charge, then Fleetworks can assist with invoicing and driver notification. Fleetworks is pre-loaded with over 700 fine issuers for submission. All actions in Fleetworks are time and date stamped offering fleets protection against a missed submission. In the event a PCN reminder or Charge Certificate is issued then we offer simple processes to resubmit to the issuer.

Certain traffic fines may or may not be re-assignable depending on the length of contract you have in place. If you cannot or prefer not to reassign into the clients name, you can opt to pay the fine separately and notify the client through Fleetworks.

Identifying clients who have not paid an admin fee is very simple and you can easily begin a recovery process utilising the Fleetworks payment portal to allow easy online payment of any outstanding balance.

If a client subsequently raises a chargeback then defending a PCN chargeback is a very simple thing to do in Fleetworks. Alternatively if they do not produce payment then engaging in a debt recovery process or assigning to an external debt recovery agent is very simple as well.

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