Who is Fleetworks for?

Updated: 23rd April 2024
Fleet Fine Handling

Fleetworks is your go-to solution for efficient fleet fine management, specifically tailored for fleet businesses dealing with Parking Charge Notices, Fixed Penalty Notice, Penalty Charge Notice, Notice to Owner, Notice to Keeper, Enforcement Notice, Notices of Intended Prosecution and any other traffic violations.

Whether you need to record PCN details, reassign fines or make payments, Fleetworks is here to simplify the process for any fleet. Originally developed to support Goodwin Lee Investments Ltd, which then operated car rental franchises across four UK airports, Fleetworks was born out of the need to efficiently handle up to 1,000 PCNs a month and the associated administration charges these fines created.  

Created by our Founder, Marc Lee, it addressed the time-consuming task of bulk reassignment of PCNs. Fleetworks now supports the four key functions that a good fine handling system should have:

1) The ability to process a reassignment (transfer of liability)
2) Enable payments to issuers to settle fines
3) Notify the driver or nominated party
4) Provide management information.

Fleetworks seamlessly integrates into your existing fleet fine handling system, enhancing your workflow when dealing with PCNs internally. Setting up Fleetworks is a breeze – no credit card required. With a user-friendly interface, you can be reassigning PCNs on our free trial within 24 hours of your application. Pricing is based on the number of payment or assignment requests, details of which can be found here. The process of adding and reassigning fines is intuitive and usually takes less than a minute after adding a couple of ‘test’ fines. Fleetworks accommodates over 800 fine issuers and all ticket types, covering all UK-issued tickets. In most cases, Fleetworks will process a digital submission for you, replacing the need for a user to visit the issuers portal or a post box. If an issuer does not accept a digital submission (such as South Yorkshire Police), then the paperwork is simply sent to the user for a postal submission*.

Fleetworks excels when dealing with subsequent fines for a specific agreement. Once the details are saved from the first fine, subsequent fines can be added in less than 20 seconds, minimising data duplication and maximising time savings. Moreover, Fleetworks simplifies documentation management. We automatically save issuer confirmation emails, Notices of Acceptance, and any other correspondence, creating a centralised hub for all PCN-related information. This comprehensive approach ensures quick and easy access to all details, enhancing overall operational efficiency.    

* You might ask why you would bother to add a fine onto Fleetworks if all it is going to do is email the user some documents to post?  As a Fleet Operator you are required to respond to a Section 172 Request to provide the details of the driver at the time of an offence. Failing to do so can lead to you being charged with failing to provide the details. In which case, your options are limited unless you can prove that you took all reasonable effort to inform the Police of the drivers’ details. By adding the details of the offence into Fleetworks you will create digital records with date and time stamps that you can present as your evidence to defend yourself.

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