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Managing a fleet of vehicles is a tough and complex task. And some events are tougher to manage than others.

The Fleetworks Company is on a crusade to bring simple, effective tools to all fleet managers and fleet operators. You might be operating a fleet of rental vehicles or managing a fleet for a team of remote salespeople, either way some fleet events cause more pain than others and can have a lasting effect on your company. Events such as accidents, penalty charge notices, Chargebacks and debts, if not handled properly, can have serious repercussions. Cash flow, increased insurance policy cost, higher insurance excess, county court judgements, bailiffs, higher merchant fee’s are all possibilities which take time and effort to correct. The Fleetworks Company brings structure to these events to prevent the costly repercussions. All with the minimum of effort.

Built from the ground up to help automate your processes, Fleetworks has been designed with one aim - to help you save you time and money. As well as the robust processes that Fleetworks brings to these events, Fleetworks will bring accurate information for all of these areas to you to help you plan to save time, reduce costs and losses and improve your control over these keys areas.

If you answer no to any of the following questions then Fleetworks can help you.

  • Do you know how many non-fault claims you have outstanding right now and how much money you are owed as a result?
  • Do you know how many PCN’s your business processed last month and how many of those were charged to drivers correctly?
  • Do you know how many of last years PCN’s resulted in a Chargeback?
  • Do you know how many of those Chargebacks were upheld in your favour or were lost?
  • How much of the lost Chargebacks did you successfully recover?

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