Introducing Fleetworks Pays: A Payment Solution for Fleets

May 22, 2024
Introducing Fleetworks Pays: A Payment Solution for Fleets

Introducing Fleetworks Pays: A Cutting-Edge Payment Solution for Fleet Management

Fleetworks is proud to unveil Fleetworks Pays, an advanced payment service tailored to elevate the financial management processes for fleets. With Fleetworks Pays, fleet managers can streamline their payment operations, offering a centralised and secure platform to facilitate seamless transactions, including unpaid fuel demands, parking tickets, bus lanes, Dart Charge, Merseyflow and many more.

Fleetworks Pays simplifies payment procedures, bringing together all stakeholders such as drivers, suppliers, and managers onto a unified platform accessible from any device, at any time. This revolutionary payment gateway is set to transform the way fleet management finances are handled, delivering greater efficiency and security.

"The launch of Fleetworks Pays marks a pivotal moment for our clients. This innovative payment solution empowers fleets to manage their transactions with ease, eliminating the need for fleets to use company credit cards and significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent activities," remarked Marc Lee, CEO and Founder of Fleetworks. Marc continued, "when combined with our Fleetworks Direct service that enables registered keepers to receive a digital fine replacing a paper ticket, Fleetworks Pays will enable a fleet to receive and pay for a ticket without any human intervention."

Key Features of Fleetworks Pays:

  • Streamlined Payment Process: A centralised solution for all payment requirements
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Elimination of paperwork, manual payments, and the need for reconciliation
  • Insightful Reporting: Real-time visibility into expenses and transactions for informed decision-making
  • Secure Third-Party Transactions: Minimising fraud risk and boosting transaction security

Fleetworks is committed to continuous innovation, striving to offer top-tier solutions that enhance the efficiency, security and sustainability of fleet businesses. Visit our website for more details on Fleetworks Pays or reach out to our team for further information.

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