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What is a KADOE enquiry and should you care about it?

September 29, 2023
What is a KADOE enquiry and should you care about it?

What is a KADOE enquiry and should you care about it?

TL:DR? – make sure your fleet is registered correctly with the DVLA so you don’t miss important communications being sent to you.

As a Fleet Manager in the UK, your responsibilities go beyond managing a group of vehicles. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records is crucial. Incorrectly registering a vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) can have significant implications.

What is KADOE?

KADOE stands for "Keeper at Date of Event." It is a service provided by the DVLA via their service provider Valcon Group UK. It enables users to get important information about the registered keeper of a vehicle, at a specific point in time.

In order to understand why you should care about a KADOE search you need to consider the kind of organisation that might carry out an enquiry.  

You can download a list of the agencies authorised to process a KADOE search here. Reviewing the list shows a variety of business types including legal and financial service companies, the courts, insurance providers as well as debts agents, private car park management companies and Local Authorities.

Why Should Fleet Managers Care?

There are several reasons why Fleet Managers should care including  compliance and financial implications, as outlined below.

Compliance with Legal Requirements:

Accurate vehicle registration is a legal obligation in the UK. It is the responsibility of a vehicles keeper to ensure that all vehicles within their fleet are correctly registered with the DVLA. For example, a fleet should ensure that certain vehicle modifications are notified to the DVLA as well as more obvious changes such as a change of owner.

Financial Implications:

Inaccurate vehicle registration details can have financial implications for fleet operators. For instance, if a vehicle's registered keeper is not promptly updated, the DVLA may send fines, penalty notices or other important documentation to the wrong address.  This can result in missed fines resulting higher administrative costs in relation to PCN management. Ultimately, you risk damaging your business's reputation. Further, certain details held on the V5 could hold up the sale or transfer of ownership to a third party which could cause a delay in the transfer with associated cost or disruption.


It is essential for fleet managers in the UK, to maintain accurate and up-to-date vehicle registration details with the DVLA . If one of your vehicles is flagged in a KADOE search it is highly likely that the cost of dealing with that situation is going to be reduced if you can be sure to receive the notification first time. Many detail changes can be carried out at a Post Office without any cost.

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